October 17, 2014


Photo Credit: http://visitmt.com/Pictures/Fullsize/25886h.jpg

The Microcosm of Montana: Is ignoring a problem the same as being a part of it?


I’m sure you’ve heard or read a saying similar to that of “there comes a time when silence is betrayal...”; in fact, I’ve heard...

October 1, 2014


Photo credit: Black rhinocerous and African elephant, Africa (c) naturepl.com/John-Downer/WWF


Poaching of elephants and rhinos is a huge issue in the conservation world. Studies estimate than one elephant is killed every 15 minutes and that we lose a rhino every 9 to...

September 14, 2014



It’s almost fall, the air is crisp, rain and snow are beginning to fall and now that it’s not so hot we can finally stop worrying about water right? Unfortunately not.


While it feels like we have had a wet year here in Colorado, our water supply comes from the Colora...

September 11, 2014


If you've been following the news closely, you may have heard of the (most likely forced) resignation of Des Hague, the multi-million dollar CEO of Centerplate’s billion-dollar international food service corporation. The resignation came following a communication fusi...

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