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ENDOTREND has an innovative approach to the environment, marketing and civic engagement that we know you will find most rewarding!
ENDOTREND will showcase a diversity of all genres of music from a local to international level. Rock, bluegrass, punk, blues, jazz, world, experimental, hip hop, avant-garde and everything in between. Music is the universal language and we will provide the stage to amplify the voice speaking for eco social causes!
Curated by Real2Reel productions, a series of social impact films will be screened during ENDOTREND for attendees to view and participate in discussions on how to address the various topics presented.
Curated by Living Art Nexus, engaging artistic interpretations of the various environmental and social justice issues will be on display during ENDOTREND for the public and conference attendees to explore and make a deeper experiential connection to critical issues.
Attendees will have the amazing opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, gain insight and solutions from world renowned individuals... To connect, network and converge! This is an opportunity to build community capacity by strengthening social ties and providing avenues for community input, ideas and connections, as well as create and expand opportunities for community organizing, facilitate community dialogue and promote civic participation.
                          is much more than music, film & art.


Eco-social socialpreneures, visionaries and conceptualists will participate in workshops, exercises, challenges and networking opportunities prior to pitching their innovative and promising ideas to a panel of impact investors and receive feedback in real time. This event will be a great look at what start-ups and visionaries should include in their pitch and how to pitch live. Winners will be awarded funds to jumpstart their endeavors.


ENDOTREND is pushing the concept of food service, eating healthy and living sustainably even further!
By combining a local farmer's market and eco-social conscious chefs, attendees will be getting an interactive experience in selecting their ingredients from local growers and having a meal prepared by top eco- conscious chefs!


A special area for kids to explore and learn about the environment, planting trees, gardening, and new ways to produce energy with interactive tools to educate and entertain!
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If you would like to partner with us or know more about Tindakan contact us to learn more.

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