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Tindakan raises funds and awareness while promoting real, attainable solutions through special events, grass roots projects, and facilitating edutainment workshops, panels and discussions. Through these channels - front line organizations receive support and a platform for direct-change. Tindakan is a megaphone to create create change.

Tindakan embraces the ideas of Humane Education and believes through knowledge, tools, and motivation we can all become "solutionaries" for a better world.


Tindakan promotes the idea that we live in an interconnected world where human rights, environmental protection, and animal/wildlife welfare are all linked.

Tindakan uses our organization and events as a platform to promote and highlight positive choices to drive awareness and change.

Tindakan aims to:


Align Social Action:

  • Connect stakeholders around relevant issues

  • Coordinate efforts with other funders

  • Support and serve as the driving force for strategic collaboration by building coalitions

Increase Community Engagement:

  • Build community capacity and strengthen social ties by providing avenues for community input, ideas, and connection

  • Organize and facilitate community dialogue

  • Promote and engage civic participation and volunteerism


Deploy Financial Capital:

  • Support individuals, startups,  frontline organizations, projects, and innovators by providing platforms to connect givers and recipients

  • Develop, produce, and collaborate events, projects and endeavors to generate funding, awareness, and real solutions



If you would like to partner with us or know more about Tindakan contact us to learn more.

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