Industrial Hemp: Revolutionary Ideas

Industrial hemp has a huge amount to offer Colorado, the nation and ultimately the planet.

Hemp Makes a Comeback

We have realized for quite some time now, the importance of re-introducing industrial hemp back into our society; nationally and globally. We strongly believe, based on the facts, empirical evidence and history that this plant can AND will greatly contribute to healing our planet while providing economic stability to our community as a whole. This plant is a gift to us and our planet we all call home.


Industrial hemp has a huge amount to offer Colorado, the nation and ultimately the planet. With the passage of the farm bill, it is now federally legal to cultivate industrial hemp. Now, the hemp industry provides an open door to help address economic, environmental, conservational and social issues along with sustainable and responsible living that will ultimately lead to a greener, healthier planet.


Our platforms, initiatives and concepts utilizing industrial hemp will accomplish several objectives from spreading awareness, instilling attainable solutions in communities, creating employment opportunities and stimulating economies all the while generating significant revenue for Tindakan to support proactive organizations and projects that are making true, direct change on the ground.


What we envision is a prodigious undertaking and it’s something we cannot do alone nor want to as we look at how societal shifts have come about from groundswells of diverse yet unified energy… a coming together of all walks of life to manifest enduring and powerful movements. That’s what Tindakan aims to do in consortium with these amazing organizations, eco-socially conscious entities, and people with whom we have aligned. 


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The Vision

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Tindakan’s objective is to cultivate industrial hemp while practicing organic and regenerative farming techniques that help promote a sustainable agricultural future. Tindakan’s collaborative hemp cultivation concept will provide an open door to help address economic, environmental, conservational and social issues along with sustainable and responsible living that will ultimately lead to a greener, healthier planet.


Tindakan’s pioneering collaborative concept utilizing industrial hemp will accomplish several objectives from directly protecting, restoring and preserving wildlife and wild lands. It will also instill attainable solutions in communities, creating employment opportunities and stimulating economies all the while generating significant revenue for the entities, organizations and individuals involved in this vision to expand their capacity and outreach and in a profound way, fund their own programs and initiatives. It is creating direct impact while incorporating regeneration ideologies into the various aspects throughout this concept.


Through the Public Benefit Corporation; Tindakan Innovations is currently cultivating industrial hemp in key locations in Boulder County, Colorado and North and South Carolina, via it’s strategic partnerships and collaborative projects along with a myriad of NGO’s, government entities, local farmers and stake holders with the vision to expand globally in the next two years. In fact, Tindakan Innovations via our colleagues; Invegrow, hempvolution and Hemporium are already working with the governments in Malawi and South Africa to spearhead the industrial hemp industry not only in these countries, but throughout sub saharan Africa.


With the emergence of a lost industry and with newer technology and innovations, there are so many great uses for the hemp plant from the roots, stalks, stems, flower or whole plant extracts. 


“In 2017, the value of U.S. sales of hemp-based products, like food, body products, dietary supplements, clothing, and building materials, totaled $700 million, according to the Hemp Industries Association.


The Future of Hemp in the U.S.


Hemp is not a panacea for our social, economic, and environmental woes—no single crop can do that. However, as we transition to a future that embraces more sustainable agriculture practices, industrial hemp can significantly help lead the way. With focused and sustained research and development, hemp will spur dramatic positive ecological and economic benefits. For instance, renewable, fast-growing hemp is a substitute for many unsustainable products like non-organic cotton (which currently uses more than 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of the world’s pesticides) and many plastic products.


With the passage of the farm bill legalizing industrial hemp, Tindakan’s concept can and will profoundly help grow the hemp marketplace by introducing a wide variety of hemp products. Tindakan’s concept will also inform and educate on the myriad of benefits socially, economically and environmentally that industrial hemp in all its phases will revolutionize society moving forward. Hemp offers exponential sustainability and durability that its competitors do not. This, in addition to hemp's low-cost and low-input farming, keeps the economic burden of hemp farming and hemp products noticeably lower than its substitutes.


And the value of the market will only keep growing…

By 2022, the industrial hemp industry will be worth OVER $3 billion. That’s more than a 300%+ increase in just five years.”1 (Money Morning

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  • Build partnerships and encourage cooperation with members and interested parties to manage the research and development process of industrial hemp

  • Define and develop markets for industrial hemp in Colorado, the United States, and abroad - particularly Africa

  • Encourage a coordinated and consistent  strategy for industrial hemp by creating synergy with other regional, national, and international projects

  • Innovate and educate in all aspects related to industrial hemp

  • Be a recognized voice for the advancement and dissemination of information related to industrial hemp, abroad

Project: Garden Malenga

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Malenga village is located in Malawi, Africa on the edge of the Phirilongwe forest reserve. It is there where the director of Tindakan, Jeremy Gregory, spent time in the Peace Corps teaching conservation and Community-Based Natural Resource Management. He returned having acquired a  second family and home. The Malenga Project is in continuation of his projects he initiated with his second family and hopes this will ignite and spread throughout Malawi and Africa.


The purpose of the Malenga Project is to improve the quality of life by providing a catalyst for community development, encouraging self-reliance, self-sustainability, conserving resources and creating financial and educational opportunities. We hope to accomplish this primarily through the cultivation and production of industrial hemp.


It is our ultimate vision to create and promote internationally, a hemp farm eco-agricultural tour that will feature a cross-cultural exchange program for individuals, school students from the secondary to the college level, and generally those wishing to learn more about an amazing culture and the positive attributes industrial hemp offers us.


Garden Malenga Is a community garden that provides training and support for the people in the village, as well as generate income rather than depending on aid. The garden promotes health and a forum for community exchange. Harvested product is shipped on the FAIR Trade industry where the profits come back to strengthen the community’s infrastructure and promote independence and self-reliance.


Garden Malenga is a tool to train people to manage their resources in ways that are ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate. These are designed for the restoration and management of available natural resources, providing positive livelihood opportunities to improve health, productivity, and quality of life.



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