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The Pollination Project interviews Executive Director Jeremy Gregory

A Voice for the Voiceless Creates Space for Wildlife to Flourish

Success! We did it!

 Tindakan assists in passing an ordinance providing greater protections for prairie dogs and by extension the myriad of flora and fauna species... 

Regenerative Farming

A direct connection and responsibility to the land comes first and foremost. With a commitment to regenerative ecology as our central operating principle, we have created a very particular niche for ourselves. We focus on building and maintaining relationships with landholders, family farms and an array of diverse community stakeholders.

Malenga Project

Malenga village is located in Malawi, Africa on the edge of the Phirilongwe forest reserve. It is there where the director of Tindakan, Jeremy Gregory, spent time in the Peace Corps teaching conservation and Community-Based Natural Resource Management.


Endotrend is a festival featuring music, film and art. Attendees will have the amazing opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, gain insight and participate in creating solutions with world renowned individuals; to connect, network and converge, all while enjoying music, art, and film. This is an opportunity to build community capacity and ignite positive change in the world.

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