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Near 0 Waste     Near 0 Energy     Near 0 Emissions     Carbon Offset       

ENDOTREND will be utilizing unique ways to produce clean energy, such as kinetic dance floors and bike pedal power, along with a solar panels and a mobile wind turbine. 

Any energy we cannot produce on-site will be offset with the purchase of wind credits.

ENDOTREND is a plastic-free event! The event will have a moratorium on all non-recyclable and non-compostable waste. Trained volunteers will be at every trash location, assisting attendees with disposing of recyclable and compostable items. Bio-waste will be sent to a bio-waste management farm for reuse in agricultural fertilization.


ENDOTREND is a Certified Green Event through the City of Denver's Greenprint Program, ensuring we are producing a straight up eco-friendly event.

In addition, the following will be incorporated into ENDOTREND:
Aligning Social Action:
  • Connecting stakeholders around relevant issues
  • Coordinating efforts with other funders
  • Supporting and serving as the driving force for strategic collaboration by building coalitions
Community Engagement:
  • Building community capacity by strengthening social  
  • Providing avenues for community input, ideas and connections
  • Community organizing
  • Facilitating community dialogue promoting civic participation and volunteerism
Deploying Financial Capital:
  • Supporting individuals, startups, frontline organizations, projects and innovators by providing platforms to connect givers and recipients Producing, planning and collaborating on events, projects and endeavors that generate funding, awareness and solutions
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If you would like to partner with us or know more about Tindakan contact us to learn more.

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