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Tindakan supports solutions-based endeavors that focus on ecological & social justice causes, worldwide.

How we work to make the world a better place.​

We bring to the communities we aim to serve; edifying and empowering ethos that people can infuse into their

lives; re-instilling a positive, egalitarian world-view.

Tindakan is a strategic partner with

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Here Comes Hemp

 Industrial Hemp Makes a Comeback

We have realized for quite some time now, the importance of re-introducing industrial hemp back into our society; nationally and globally. 

We will be cultivating this spring in Longmont, Colorado and surrounding communities!

Farm Opportunities 

We are looking for farm help! If you love to be outside and working the land, we have the perfect opportunity for you.



Save Colorado's Prairie Dogs and Tindakan in concert with so many tenacious and devoted activist-residents from Longmont and surrounding communities and others who care about our wildlife, with tireless devotion, saw to it that an ordinance providing greater protections for prairie dogs and by extension the myriad of flora and fauna species that depend on this beautiful animal, are given greater protections and a better opportunity at being relocated should development encroach on their homes. 

It wasn't easy, but we stuck together and because of five amazing city council members- Aren Rodriguez, Polly Christensen, Joan Peck and Tim Waters including the Honorable Mayor Brian Bagley; with a 5-2 vote, an ordinance that does not unfairly inhibit any one party was put into law! This ordinance ensures social responsibility is adhered to while eliminating undue burdens to the City, developers and wildlife advocates.


Since the ordinance was enacted in 2019, over 1,000 prairie dogs from 3 different colonies have been humanely relocated to new habitat. 

Meet The Team

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Jeremy Gregory

Exetutive Director

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Meghan Gregory

Director of Marketing

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Julan Watson

U.S. Director of Community Outreach


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