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Supporting solutions-based endeavors that focus on ecological

& social justice causes worldwide.


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Tindakan teams up with Cafe Solar & Dr. Jane Goodall to launch Global Coffee Solution- The most ambitious effort using the power of coffee and people to restore forests and protect biodiversity on our planet. Watch the call to action video here featuring Dr. Goodall.

Tindakan Believes Cats Aren't Trophies

There is a large body of science dating back to 1971 and all the way up through 2023, showing that trophy hunting and trapping of wild cats is not beneficial for wildlife or people.

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Prairie Dog Relocation Colorado

We handle all the work to relocate your prairie dogs in a humane way, using non-lethal techniques. You can feel good about your project when you work with us.  

We have been relocating prairie dogs for several years and have the expertise to handle any job. 

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Meet The Team


If you would like to partner with us or know more about Tindakan contact us to learn more.

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