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Our Projects

We promote actual, attainable solutions through planning and producing events and projects, as well as, facilitating edutainment workshops, panels, and discussions.

Our Projects

Tindakan provides support to eco-social justice causes in communities in a variety of ways. We promote actual, attainable solutions through planning and producing events and projects, as well as, facilitating edutainment workshops, panels, and discussions.

Through these channels, Tindakan catalyzes direct change supporting front line, effectual nonprofit and community organizations, grassroots projects and endeavors that fall in line with our mission. ​

Align Social Action:

  • Connect stakeholders around relevant issues

  • Coordinate efforts with other funders

  • Support and serve as the driving force for strategic collaboration by building coalitions


Increase Community Engagement:

  • Build community capacity and strengthen social ties by providing avenues for community input, ideas and connection

  • Organizing and facilitate community dialogue

  • Promoting and engage civic participation and volunteerism


Deploy Financial Capital:

  • Support individuals, startups, frontline organizations, projects, and innovators by providing platforms to connect givers and recipients

  • Develop, produce and collaborate events, projects, and endeavors to generate funding, awareness and real solutions

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors a project that may lack exempt status. This alternative to starting your own nonprofit allows you to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under your sponsor’s exempt status.

Generally, a fiscal sponsor:

  • Allows donors to make tax-exempt contributions to the charitable activities of individuals or unincorporated groups by extending its tax-exempt status to them

  • Receives and administers donations on behalf of the sponsored people or organization

  • Sponsors projects with a charitable purpose that are consistent with its own mission

  • Accepts significant legal and financial risk—so it is important that sponsoring organizations are well-informed and structured to manage these risks, and that unincorporated people and organizations seek experienced sponsors

  • Charges an equitable administrative fee for its services—usually a percentage of the budget of the sponsored organization or project

Tindakan believes environmentalism and social justice issues are intertwined. We will bring to the communities we connect with, edifying and empowering ethos that people can infuse into their lives; re-installing a positive, egalitarian world-view. It is a strategy of Tindakan to inclusively work with diverse grass-roots groups in the communities we will visit from social/political advocacy and activist to environmental, conservation and sustainability entities.


Taking this approach substantiates our sustainable working model. These groups have their pulse on the communities they serve. They know the people and can furthermore assist in logistical and promotional support ensuring each event and project goes off successfully. Also, many of Tindakan’s staff and board have or are currently involved with endeavors that serve these affected communities. Tindakan aims to educate, empower, and inspire individuals and community members to mobilize and develop sustainable solutions for their community.



Biodynamic Farming


If you would like to partner with us or know more about Tindakan contact us to learn more.

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